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Welcome to the Warrior Pages

BushidoBushido - "the Way of the Warrior." This means much more than simply learning the skills of the Warrior, this means following the Way of the Warrior. To follow the Way, a Warrior must develop his or her Mind, Body and Spirit.

Mind, Body and Spirit make up the legs of the tripod that supports the Warrior in pursuit of the Way. Without one of these legs, the Warrior will fall. Neglect of any of these legs, and the Warrior will not be balanced. An unbalanced Warrior is easily defeated.

The Mind is developed through study;
The Body is developed through hard work;
The Spirit is developed through pure thoughts and actions.

The Warrior Pages will assist the Warrior in pursuit of the Way. Although we must always follow our own Way, it will provide examples of how others follow the Way. It will provide information to assist you along the Way. And, it will allow you to speak to others and share your experiences along the Way.

The Way is not mysterious. It means doing what you know in your heart is right, and taking the time to understand what is in your heart while discarding outside influences and prejudices.

To learn more about Tashi Troy Price and Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai Visit: shuritebujutsu.com

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