Bushido01Mind, Body and Spirit make up the legs of the tripod that supports the Warrior in pursuit of the Way. Without one of these legs, the Warrior will fall. Neglect of any of these legs, and the Warrior will not be balanced. An unbalanced Warrior is easily defeated.

The Mind is developed through study;

The Body is developed through hard work;

The Spirit is developed through pure thoughts and actions.

The Warrior Pages will assist the Warrior in pursuit of the Way. Although we must always follow our own Way, it will provide examples of how others follow the Way. It will provide information to assist you along the Way. And, it will allow you to speak to others and share your experiences along the Way.

The Way is not mysterious. It means doing what you know in your heart is right, and taking the time to understand what is in your heart while discarding outside influences and prejudices.

The Warrior Pages


The purpose of the Warrior Pages is to Educate, Motivate and Entertain martial artists and potential martial artists, to create camaraderie between martial artists of different styles, and to finance itself and the accumulation of knowledge necessary to keep it fresh and vibrant. The Warrior Pages will Educate through the use of articles expressing differing viewpoints of the martial arts, through videos displaying techniques, through learning activities and posting of information common to most martial arts, through regular updates via the newsletter, through reviews to make martial artists aware of useful products and those to avoid.

Action Plan

The Warrior Pages will Motivate by showing the level of involvement of others and the display of skills dedicated training can foster. The Warrior Pages will entertain by providing martial arts related material designed to bring martial artists back and engage them during their visits. The Warrior Pages will develop camaraderie by focusing on the similarities between various arts rather than their differences and providing forum to rationally discuss these differences and similarities. The Warrior Pages will finance itself through the use of martial arts related advertising, affiliate programs and the operation of its own online store, none of which will be allowed to interfere with the content, quality or other purposes of the Warrior Pages.


Suncoast martial arts0253The founder of the Warrior Pages is Bart Scovill. He trains in Shuri-ryu Karate-do. He is a lawyer by trade, but a martial artist at heart. Bart has been training in the martial arts since 1978, and currently trains and teaches under the legendary Shihan Donna Judge at the Suncoast Karate Dojo in Sarasota, Florida. One of the great things about training with a legend is being surrounded by other legends and legends to be.

Bart has previously trained in Shorin-ryu, Wado-ryu, and Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu. In addition to Shuri-ryu, he also trains in jiu-jitsu (both Japanese and Brazilian), bagua-zhang, xing-yi quan, qigong, aikido, kali, kobudo and yoga.

Shuri-ryu was brought to America by Grandmaster Robert Trias, the father of American Karate. In Shuri-ryu, karateka are expected to defend themselves standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down.

Bart is a veteran of the U.S. Army and through his own personal experiences, believes that it is essential to be able to defend yourself from any position.

Outside of the office and dojo, Bart is a devoted father and his favorite activities are volleyball, snow skiing with his family and occasionally swimming with dolphins (right Sensei Scolardi).