Shuri-Ryu Karate

Symbol: Shuri_patch01The Shuri-Ryu Symbol consists of a pine tree and red sun surrounded by a red circle.  The circle represents everything returns to the source.  The red sun represents the sun giving life to the system.
Founder: trias1Master Robert Trias was introduced to the Martial Arts while serving in the Pacific in WWII.  He brought his knowledge back to the United States and opened the first Karate school on the mainland in 1947. Master Trias passed away on July 11, 1989.
First Successor: pachivasMaster John Pachivas was the first successor to Master Trias.  Master Pachivas passed away on February 14, 2000.
Current Style
bowlesMaster Robert Bowles is the successor to Master Pachivas and is the current style head for Shuri-Ryu.  Master Bowles teaches in Ft. Wayne Indiana.
Chief Instructors:
kelly11Dr. Roberta Trias-Kelly (Menkyo Kaiden) (10th Dan) Arizona smpachivasJohn Pachivas (deceased) (10th Dan) Florida
smbowlesRobert Bowles (10th Dan) Indiana abelepicsmRidgely Abele (deceased) (9th Dan) South Carolina
smrabinoPete Rabino (8th Dan) California smawadMichael Awad (8th Dan) Ohio
smBENSONCDale Benson (8th Dan) Arizona Dirk Mosig (8th Dan) Nebraska
smWalkerJoseph Walker (7th Dan) Illinois smVitusVitus Bilking (7th Dan) Denmark
smSheridanGeorge Sheridan, Jr. (7th Dan) Indiana tbisanzTony Bisanz (7th Dan) Arizona
Kanji: Shuri_ryu
Meaning: To learn from
tradition and to transcend.
Headquarters: 2721. S. CalhounFort Wayne, IN 46807
  1. Ippon Kumite Kata
  2. Taezu Naru Waza
  3. Kihon Kumite Kata
  4. Kime Dachi Kumite
  5. Kata Kumite
  1. Tai Kyoku
  2. Wunsu
  3. Anaku
  4. Naihanchi Sho
  5. Sanchin
  6. Empi Sho
  7. Bassai Dai
  8. Go Pei Sho
  9. Dan Enn Sho
  10. Naihanchi Ni
  11. Nan Dan Sho (Nijushiho)
  12. Kanku Sho
  13. Naihanchi San
  14. Ten Sho
Rank:*(Kyu is a beginner grade)
(Dan is a black belt grade)
*Can vary from school to school
White_Belt 10th Kyu – White Belt Black_Belt 1st  Dan – Black Belt
Yellow_Belt 9th Kyu – Yellow Belt Black_Belt 2nd  Dan – Black Belt
Blue_Belt 8th Kyu – Blue Belt Black_Belt 3rd  Dan – Black Belt
Blue_Belt 7th  Kyu – Blue Belt Black_Belt 4th  Dan – Black Belt
Green_Belt 6th  Kyu – Green Belt Black_Belt 5th  Dan – Black Belt
Green_Belt 5th  Kyu – Green Belt Master_Belt 6th  Dan – Red & White Belt
Purple_Belt 4th  Kyu – Purple Belt Master_Belt 7th  Dan – Red & White Belt
Brown_Belt 3rd  Kyu – Brown Belt Master_Belt 8th  Dan – Red & White Belt
Brown_Belt 2nd  Kyu – Brown Belt Master_Belt 9th  Dan – Red & White Belt
Brown_Belt 1st  Kyu – Brown Belt Hanshi_Belt 10th  Dan – Red Belt (head of style)
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