Taijiquan (Tai Chi)



Zhang Sanfeng

Kanji: tai_chi_characters
Meaning: Supreme Ultimate Fist
Doctrine: One of the three internal Chinese Arts.  It employs slow, exaggerated movements to teach the movement of Qi.  Largely employed for health without its martial applications.  Also known as Tai Chi Chuan.
Synopsis: Usually associated with slow-motion movements, T’ai Chi is often also associated with the elderly and those with little to no fighting interest. The style is very useful to become more aware of the attunement of the body and experienced practitioners will be able to feel the movement of individual bones, muscles and ligaments in the body during exercise, none of which must be under any kind of tension, mind you.

However the style also harbors a darker side, one with very useful martial application as most of the slow-motion movements are practiced this way it propagates control, balance and muscle tension, furthermore most of the movements are either evasions or blocks, while the attacks are targeted at pressure points within the body.

Apart from this attunement of the body and its movements and the martial applications, it is also said that it promotes cultivation of the ‘chi’ in the dan tien (a point 2 inches below the navel, basically the chi-battery), which will help is in achieving our daily goals.

(Synopsis courtesy of Rathryn Ramos)